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A micro-appellation

In Provence, in the Aix countryside, "Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée Palette" is one of the most confidential in France. Just 40 acres! It is also one of the oldest Provencal A.O.C.s and probably deserves the title of "doyen" of the vineyards of France. Indeed it was originally planted by the Roman legionnaires of the Consul Marius a hundred years B.C.

A terroir with strong identity and an exceptional microclimate

Nestling in a natural amphitheatre, protected from the Mistral wind by the hills of Langesse and Le Grand Cabri, by the mountains of Cengle and the Sainte-Victoire, it benefits however from the west winds and from the soft sea breezes which blow through the valley of the river Arc. Combined with the lime-stoney soil, these climatic conditions allow the grapevines, pruned in a goblet shape, to flourish under ideal conditions. The vineyard of Château Crémade, cultivated on the northwest and south hillsides, enjoys hours of mixed sunshine and freshness. The character of Palette wines is drawn from the lime-stoney soil of Langesse.

A privileged position near Aix-en-Provence

In the 15th century King René (King of Provence) chose "aged" wines from Palette for his personal cellar. The vineyards of Palette are actually, the closest to Aix being around Meyreuil and Le Tholonet in the very heart of Cezanne countryside. In a preserved nature setting dominated by the Sainte-Victoire mountain, the "terroir" of Palette is deeply anchored in Provence.

A mosaic of grape varieties

The grape varieties for the  A.O.C. Palette are remarkable in their diversity. More than 35 grape varieties bring their originality and their complexity to the wines of Palette. At the Château Crémade 25 grape varieties are always cultivated according to ancestral techniques. They are renewed over the years and have inspired the writing of the most beautiful pages of Provencal ampelography (wine grapes study and history). Besides the classic Mourvèdre, Grenache, Cinsault or Clairette varieties the amateur wine lover can discover ancient Provencal grape varieties which have disappeared elsewhere but are carefully preserved here like Durif, Brun-Fourcat, Manosquin, Terret Gris,  Picardan, Pascal Blanc, Petit Brun, or Panse Muscade, nicely nicknamed Panse of King René. These very rare plants contribute to the subtlety of the Château Crémade wines. They also offer the wine expert unusual and incomparable aromas.

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